Mike Posner @ the House of Blues – Chicago

Yesterday I got a chance to interview Shure Endorser Mike Posner in one of the prayer rooms in the Foundation Room of the House of Blues in Chicago. If you have never been, upon entering the room it feels like your transported somewhere Zen in Asia. The atmosphere is very tranquil and the attention to detail in the decorations is for reals… I was looking forward to finally executing an interview in such an inspiring place.

After confirming with Tour Manager Patrick that we were ready, Mike walked in the room with a warm tea. He was very quiet and nice. For some reason I was not expecting him to be so mellow. I really don’t know why, maybe it was his quick rise to fame. He was very gracious and amicable.

Mike Posner performing @ HOB - Chicago

Mike Posner performing @ HOB – Chicago

Before any interview I typically research a little bit about the artist in an attempt to not ask stupid questions… I don’t know how much it helps but at least it prepares me for the interview. In said research I read that Mike Posner signed his first recording contract while he was still at school at Duke University. I was impressed that he didn’t pack up his backpack and hit the road to go on tour right there and then but he stuck it out and graduated with a degree in sociology. It was a very mature decision for such a young and talented future star. It also set me up for a great opening interview question – You recently graduated from Duke with a degree in sociology, so how is the job search going so far?

He laughed and said that he has been very fortunate not to have had a job search but he has had many friends that have been having a tough time finding jobs so he is very grateful for the opportunities he has had. He also told me that when he signed the contract his Mom told him that he had to graduate and he could not drop out.

After our interview he posed for a mini photoshoot and then thanked us for our support and he disappeared to relax before he hit the stage. After the goodbyes we packed up the camera equipment and we went to grab a bite to eat and then returned to the venue to catch the opening acts. I have to admit that the openings acts were definitely not my cup of tea but the wait was definitely worth it.

When Mike Posner came in with his band it was a completely different experience. I knew he was talented but I guess I wasn’t expecting much live. He was amazingly good. His singing voice really impressed me live, his band was incredible.  Also, he had this magnetic connection to his fans. My favorite moment of the show was in between songs when he paused and said nothing while his band played a beat in the background and it seemed that he attempted to make eye contact with each in every person in the venue. When he was done scanning the room he lifted the mic to his mouth and said. “I Love you! I really mean it… I am not like any other artist who just says it. I really do love you…”  I’m sure we have all heard that at a show before but after meeting him before the show where he called his fans his friends and seeing how grateful he was to be living the life he is living, something about the moment made his words very credible.

So far he has already had an amazing rise to fame with his hit album 31 Minutes to Takeoff. It will be interesting to see how high and how fast he continues to climb.

For more info including his tour dates, visit: http://www.mikeposner.com


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