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By Allison Wolcott|  Comment(s)

College Students + Shure Gear = Fantastic

Hands down, my favorite part of the Shure calendar year is working on the Fantastic Scholastic Recording Competition.

What’s that, you say? It’s when 10 teams of college students in audio engineering and sound recording programs lay down the best track they can using only Shure microphones. A panel of recording industry icons picks the winners.

Listening to the student recordings reminds me why we do what we do at Shure: so people can make and share music. It’s especially gratifying to hear the next generation of artists and engineers discover the qualities that make Shure mics great.

Stay tuned: next month, we’ll announce the winners of this year’s competition. You’ll be able to hear their tracks then.

For now, check out these short videos of the teams’ experiences in the pre-production, tracking, and post-production phases of the competition.

Fantastic Scholastic Video Player



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