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DSLR Dynamics Workshop & DVD

DSLR Dynamics

Seeing is believing, as the old saw goes. Hearing is believing, too.

If you’re a videographer or photographer just getting into video, check this out: Barry Andersson, co-author of The DSLR Filmmaker’s Handbook, is conducting a DSLR Dynamics workshop tour with dates on the East Coast and in Toronto through November 24. For interested folks based elsewhere, there’ll be a DVD of the workshop available December 31. To see the tour schedule or buy the DVD, visit the Dates/Sign-up page of the tour website.

The workshop is a day-long event that covers these filmmaking and video topics:

  • Best lighting practices
  • Camera, lenses, and camera settings
  • Adding movement to video
  • Effectively capturing sound

There’s also an editing and post-production segment to close out the day.

Shure is a sponsor of this event, and you’ll see (and hear) several of our products demonstrated over the course of the day, including FP Wireless and VP83 LensHopper Camera-Mount Condenser Microphone. So, if you’ve been thinking about using our gear with your DSLR rig but wanted to see it in action first, this workshop is a good opportunity for you to do exactly that.

A few Shure Associates were lucky enough to attend the recent Chicago workshop. Thomas Banks was one of them, and this perspective stuck in his mind afterwards: “The industry used to regard DSLRs as non-professional toys, but that’s ancient history: at least 50% of all commercials you see on TV are shot with DSLRs, and blockbuster films like The Avengers use them by the truckload.”

Food for thought in a changing technologyscape.

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