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By Allison Wolcott|  Comment(s)

Fantastic Scholastic Contestants Share Tracking Phase Videos

At studios across the country, the 10 student teams in the Fantastic Scholastic 9 Recording Competition are tracking like there’s no tomorrow, sometimes working into the wee hours just to get that “phat like a sausage” sound, as one sleep-deprived competitor put it. Whatever it takes is what they’re doing! (Teamwork, humor, teamwork, and teamwork. And more humor.)

Check out the teams’ miking techniques and processes as they navigate the tracking phase of the competition in this second installment of this year’s video series. Stay tuned: next time, the teams will share their post-production videos and reflect on their overall competition experiences with 20/20 hindsight and a whole lot more experience under their belts.

View the planning phase videos from earlier in this year’s competition.

Learn more about the Fantastic Scholastic Recording Competition on our website.

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