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National Open Mic Night: Find Venues & Share Pics

Year Two of National Open Mic Night begins in less than a week! From April 21 to April 28 at almost 30 top-notch venues, the stage will reach from coast to coast.

Do you have your set list yet? Do you even know where to go? Allow me to assist you, at least with the where-to-go part:

Find National Open Mic Night Venues + Share Your Pics

Facebook not so much? Check out the venues list on the National Open Mic Night page on

For a lot of folks at Shure who play music, open mics are a way of life. You might get up onstage as a new performer just getting your chops down, and next in the lineup might be someone who’s been gigging for decades. You meet, strike up a conversation, and next thing you know, you’re writing music together. And, if you’re acoustic and new to the scene, it might even be your first time using a mic. We’ll have different mics for you to try out at all the venues, so you’ll get a sense of what gear works for you.

Check out this video recap of last year’s event. Two guys in there pretty much sum up what makes open mic culture the great musical institution it is.

So, what are you sitting around watching videos for? Come out and play!

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