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New Webinar: Centraverse Installed Sound Microphones

It seems fitting to kick off our free Shure Learning Center webinar offering for 2013 with an overview of a new product line.

Centraverse Installed Sound Microphones
Webinar Overview
Our new Centraverse Microphones offer quality, affordable audio for installed sound applications.

Join Shure Systems Support Manager Gino Sigismondi and learn how to choose the right Centraverse microphone for your meeting facility, house of worship, classroom, or other application where high-quality speech reinforcement is required. In this one-hour webinar, Gino will cover:

  • How Centraverse differs from Microflex® Wireless
  • Centraverse models for podium, tabletop, and overhead microphone applications
  • Popular accessories

UPDATE - This event has already occurred. See archived webinar below:






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