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Shure Europe’s Drum Mastery 2012 Competition

What do you get when you add five gifted drummers, 35 Shure drum mics, and one stage?

A whole lotta rock, that’s what. Shure Drum Mastery 2012

Shure Europe set out to find the best amateur drummer in Europe and the Middle East. Several rounds of competition produced five finalists, each with his own style. They duked it out at the Gamli Gaukaurinn Club in Reykjavik, Iceland. The winner was determined by Tom Colman of Shure UK and a jury led by seasoned pro drummer Darren Ashford.

Congratulations to Antonio de Marianis of Italy, who carried the day, and to the other finalists. Their skill and enthusiasm wowed us to the end.

Enjoy the killer beats in the competition video!

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