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Due to the fact that I spend many hours of my day listening to music, most of my friends send me emails or texts asking me for new music to update their playlists and music players. So, for this post, I decided to share some of the fresh new music that has been on heavy rotation in my headphones as of late. And this week, my ears have been aroused by Glass Animals debut album ZABA.

Good music, like fashion and art, repeats itself. It might not be a carbon copy, and it might have its own twist, but you can typically compare it to something that has been done successfully in the past. Lately I’ve felt that a lot of artists are imitating each other. That’s not a knock: good art and fashion influences new artists and designers, and good music influences new bands. Nothing bad about that. Hey, at least the good stuff is being repeated, right? Well, more often at least.

So, typically when I hear something “new” I can usually name a band that it reminds me of. That hasn’t been as easy for me for this  album from these boys from Oxford, England. Glass Animals unleashed ZABA on June 9, and the dark, deep, whimsically melodic “peanut butter vibes” of an album has been on repeat ever since. I feel like I discover something I like about it with each listen. Also, each song seems like it’s pretty different from the one before, but the album as a whole has a consistent vibe that makes it all make sense.

I know it might not be for every one of my friends. It's not what I would recommend for a summer party, but for those of you who enjoy deep eclectic percussion, intriguing lyrics, and atmospheric sounds and melodies while having your coffee in the morning or at night, while laying in bed with the window open enjoying the warm summer breeze, strap on those ear/headphones (preferably some SE846's
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if you can swing it) and enjoy the sonic ride. It's also great summer beach music to lay out to and chill...

Favorite song | “Gooey”

Favorite Lyrics | “Ride my little pooh bear, wanna take a chance? Wanna sip this smooth air, kick it in the sand. I’d say I told you so but you just gonna cry. You just wanna know those peanut butter vibes…”

Enjoy the full album below via Spotify.

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