Ozomatli @ House of Blues (Chicago)

The first time I ever heard Ozomatli was in 1998. I was sick in bed with a migraine. My migraines, when I get them, tend to be pretty severe. So painful that I have to literally lock myself in a dark room and shut out all outside noise. For some reason, that day, the TV in my room was on and Ozomatli was playing a music marathon on WTTW which is Chicago’s local public TV channel, channel 11. It was weird that the TV was on and tuned to WTTW especially since I can barely handle any noise when I’m going through a migraine and because I rarely tune in to that channel. Nevertheless, there I lay with half of my head feeling like someone was trying to twist dry a wet rag and my left eye seeing a white cloud of pain. Through the pain came this great sound from my TV. I managed to open my eyes and there they were. Jamming out, dancing as they sang both in English and in Spanish. And although I was hurting I could not bring myself to press the power button on the remote.

Box View of Ozomatli performing at the HOB Chicago on 5/4/10

Box View of Ozomatli performing at the HOB Chicago on 5/4/10

Flash forward 12 years, I am backstage at the sold out House of Blues in Chicago wishing them luck before their show. There I met with Mack, their FOH Engineer. He is responsible for making what we all hear at concerts sound great. I got a chance to sit with him FOH to enjoy part of the concert. What can I say about their show? It is more like a party than a concert. Everyone was dancing, singing, and having a grand ole time. It was a great night that ended as all Ozomatli concerts do with the band jumping off the stage with their instruments to party with their fans and everyone chanting… “OZOMATLI YA SE FUE, YA SE FUE, OZOMATLI YA SE FUE, YA SE FUE, OZOMATLI YA SE FUE, YA SE FUE…” Which translated means, “Ozomatli, has now left, Ozomatli has now left, has now left…” Needles to say, Chicago welcomes them with open arms anytime they are in town. Visit their website for more on Ozomatli at: www.ozomatli.com


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