My Summer with Shure: The Genesis

Ever since the beginning of college, I knew I was going to have an internship. Not only is it required by my university, but also I knew what a great starting point an internship could be when job searching post-graduation. I had heard horror stories of filing papers, running errands, getting coffee for your boss, basically being a modern servant. “You have to pay your dues”- Said everyone. I don’t know how I escaped it. I won the lottery or someone slipped me a “Get out of jail free card,” something, because my boss brings his OWN coffee!

But really, I’ve never been that kid that threw the ring around the Coke at the carnival and won a big teddy bear, or got my name drawn for the gift basket each classroom would put together in grade school. That wasn’t me. I spent years (more like 5 minutes) holding a grudge against my fellow elementary schoolers that would continuously win prize after prize…A cake walk here, a meet and greet with Smokey Bear there, but the years of constant losing, have made winning this internship competition all the more sweet! Now while all my peers are filing papers, running silly errands, and other boring intern tasks, I am sitting here basking in my one great win: the Shure Artist Relations Get the Gig Internship Competition.

While maybe some of them can say they’ve met Smokey Bear, I can say I sit next to and get to work with some of the coolest guys out there! Cory, Rich and Nelson have been incredible colleagues so far, making sure I know what to do and that I meet a lot of people to make my summer more enjoyable. The great thing about interning here is that they really make you feel like you’re a true employee. I don’t feel like an intern. My first day at Shure included your standard orientation, but want to know what I did next? I was immediately thrown into a meeting on social media with the team and asked for my input.

The atmosphere is so relaxed here, my days of increased heart rate over landing on the right number in the cake walk are over. I’ve found a place where everyone is friendly, has a smile, and talks to you! It’s kind of like the town of Spectre in the movie Big Fish if anyone has seen it (but a lot less creepy). Everyone at Shure is so happy and friendly it’s almost not normal, in the best way possible.

I couldn’t have asked for a better week to start my summer with Shure. I’ve already learned so much about the company and the Artist Relations department. I even got Mic 101 with Nelson and Rich! I am so intrigued by every aspect of work here. I go home each night listening to my two roommates (Shure interns as well) geek out talking about the engineering side of all this stuff and it’s so cool.

This summer is definitely going to be a memorable one. It feels like I’ve already done so much and learned enough information to write a series of books, but then I have to remind myself…

This is only the beginning.


Here is a playlist I put together for my first week at Shure. It’s 10 tracks that I’m super into right now! You can also find a little about me section, so you’ll know who’s writing these things!


Name: Brooke Giddens

School: Truman State University

Hometown: Rolla, MO

Position: Artist Relations Intern

Top 10 Shure Endorsers (In no order): Matt & Kim, Phoenix, Passion Pit, Foster the People, The Black Keys, Atlas Genius, Alabama Shakes, Ben Folds, The Civil Wars, and Young the Giant

Favorite Things: Ultimate frisbee, music, frozen mango smoothies with rasberry drip from Panera, The Family Feud, harmonica solos, and cats (I know, controversial topic, but I like dogs too).


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Brooke Giddens

Brooke Giddens

Brooke Giddens is an Artist Marketing Specialist at Shure with a background in breakfast, the frisbee, and becoming emotionally involved with TV shows.

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