Students Rock It at GRAMMY Camp

Our friend, Melody Demel, wrote this guest blog for Mic Check:

Producer Mike Elizondo and Artists Nick Jonas and Greyson Chance

From left to right: Producer Mike Elizondo and Artists Nick Jonas and Greyson Chance


I was in L.A. last week catching up with students at a summer camp put on by The Recording Academy called GRAMMY Camp. It was a pretty cool experience, as it gave me the chance to hang out with high school students who take their music education very seriously. Focusing on courses such as songwriting, audio engineering, and vocal and guitar performance, this camp screamed talent from the youthful attendees who were anxious to learn as much as they could about the music industry.

Throughout the day I dropped in on classes taught by a handful of GRAMMY award-winning and nominated artists and producers. This included multi-platinum Producer Mike Elizondo (the man behind album creations for Dr. Dre, Eminem and Jay-Z, among others) and Artists Nick Jonas and Greyson Chance. The inspiration these guys ignited among campers was incredible. From best practices in recording, to tips on how to become a YouTube star (Greyson anyone?), Elizondo, Jonas and Chance gave insight to help students take the right steps in landing a music career. Example: a student asked Elizondo about tips for becoming an artist, to which he commented, “Understand the full circle process of making music—from the creative elements that go into songwriting, to how to make the actual song successful.” Jonas later chimed in, “Know your voice, follow industry trends and be active on social media so that you can learn the proper techniques for landing a music career.”

After the classes, I hung out one-on-one with some of the campers, who chatted about the GRAMMY camp culture and the opportunity to work with the same gear pros use (did I mention we hooked them up with a whole lot of SM58 mics and SRH440 headphones?).

Singer/Songwriter students Chase Kroesche and Elise Go

Singer/Songwriter students Chase Kroesche and Elise Go

San Francisco-based Camper Elise Go shared, “Collaborating with GRAMMY-winning artists and fellow students has been extremely valuable and has taught me important lessons for impacting the world of music.” Good stuff, Elise.

It was a busy day, but all in all, a good time at GRAMMY Camp. Before I left I was able to see the campers perform and honestly, it really got me excited about where some of these kids might go in their careers. I’m eager to see what this next generation will bring to the future of music. Between the guitarists, drummers and vocalists, these kids really killed it during their incredible performance.

Missed out this year? Check out to see how you can apply for GRAMMY Camp 2012.


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