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    Roswellite – What Is This Stuff?

    The Material That Revolutionized Ribbon Microphones: Roswellite ™ What Is It? Roswellite ™ is the trademarked name of a nano-enabled ribbon material that is used in Shure KSM313/NE and KSM353/ED ribbon microphones. Roswellite™ is also known as “acoustic nanofilm.” It’s an extremely strong, low mass, superelastic, paramagnetic composite with high inherent conductivity and shape memory properties. Roswellite™ replaces the “foils” typically used in ribbon microphones. Roswellite ™ can withstand windblast, plosives, phantom power applications, and high sound pressure levels, even at low frequencies. Why is it called Roswellite™? Apparently, the development team considered the new …

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