The Black Crowes @The Ryman 9/12/2010

Alright, I’m gonna go for it here.

I love this band!

It is such a treat to listen to them because that’s why you are there when you go to see The Black Crowes.  Yes, it’s great to watch the show, but it’s so much about the good music that this band has been giving us for so many years that I could close my eyes and enjoy the show all the same.

Growing up, I was never able to catch one of my favorite bands live – Led Zeppelin. The group was done before I even knew who they were.  As a drummer, I played along with “The Song Remains The Same – live” so much that when I heard the studio version, I was not quite as happy.  Hearing that band live was an EXPERIENCE.  Never seeing them is a regret.    The Black Crowes are filling that void for me today.  Every single member of the group is so comfortable with these songs that they take on a new life live.  That is so refreshing and so musical. This is why we love our jobs!

I was able to hang out with the crew and watch a short  soundcheck. They put on a 3 hour show, with a break in between – no opening act.

I caught a few picks onstage, namely Rich Robinson’s guitar rig.  He’s got a KSM313 Ribbon on one cab, a 57 on the second, and the Beta 52A on a low end cabinet.  Also pictured is Steve Gorman’s bass drum he uses at the top of the show – both sides  🙂 .    Go see this band whenever you can.  It is a great musical experience!


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Ryan Smith

Ryan Smith

Ryan is a Regional Manager of Artist Relations at the Shure office in Nashville, TN. He started at Shure in 1993 in Customer Service and joined the AR team in 1996. Ryan has over 30 years of performance experience playing drums and percussion in various groups and genres. In his spare time he enjoys woodworking, watching movies, videography, and camping with his family. His Twitter handle is @ryan_smith1969.

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