The Gospel Side of DAILEY & VINCENT

January 9, 2012

Here we are, fresh into 2012, and what better way to kick of a new year than with a great new album!

Darrin Vincent, one half of Bluegrass super group Dailey & Vincent strolled down the hall with a copy of their new record, The Gospel Side of DAILEY & VINCENT, along with some coupons for breakfast at Cracker Barrel for my family (Thanks Darrin!) If you are not familiar with the works Dailey & Vincent yet, this is a great place to start.

The first track, “Living in the Kingdom of God”,  is written by Darrin’s partner Jamie Dailey and the fantastic harmonies that have made this group so popular work their magic all through this record.  Halfway through the record, there’s a track called “Family Bible” written by Willie Nelson.  For this track, Darrin brought in his parents, Johnny & Carolyn, to harmonize with him.  Pictured below are the three singing into a pair of KSM44‘s while Darrin is sporting a set of Shure SRH440 headphones.

Another fun track called “Noah Found Grace in the Eyes of the Lord” showcases the bass vocal talents of group member Christian Davis.

Other songs covered on this CD on the Cracker Barrel Old Country Store label include: “Come Back to Me” written by Jimmy Fortune, “Daddy Sang Bass” by Carl Perkins and “Welcome Home” by Dolly Parton.

Next time you are on a road trip and see that Cracker Barrel logo coming up on the next exit, take a break, order up the Old Timer’s breakfast and then grab a copy of this CD on your way out. You’ll be singing along in no time!

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Ryan Smith

Ryan Smith

Ryan is a Regional Manager of Artist Relations at the Shure office in Nashville, TN. He started at Shure in 1993 in Customer Service and joined the AR team in 1996. Ryan has over 30 years of performance experience playing drums and percussion in various groups and genres. In his spare time he enjoys woodworking, watching movies, videography, and camping with his family. His Twitter handle is @ryan_smith1969.

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