The Soundtrack Of Your Life: Starring… You!

Me reliving my favorite movie music moment...

Me reliving my favorite movie music moment…

If you’re like me I need music on for everything. You know, just in case… You never know when you’re going to have that dramatic cinematic moment during the course of your day, where, whether planned or unplanned, you’re going to do something absolutely breathtaking. And, when that moment arrives, you want the perfect song playing in the background that makes the scene that much more unforgettable.

We’ve all seen those moments on film. Those moments that make you feel invincible like in the opening sequence in Rocky III where Rocky is winning match after match accompanied by Survivor’s “Eye Of The Tiger”. No inbox, meeting or workout is any match for you when you have that song playing in the background. Look out world! I have a tiger inside and you can tell by the look in my eye. Oh and no printer is a match for you, (Cough) Rich, when you are listening to “Still” by the Ghetto Boys like in the death to printer scene in Office Space.

And c’mon I’m pretty sure we’ve all thrown on some “Old Time Rock And Roll” by Bob Seger and danced around in our underpants while we have the house to ourselves like Tom Cruise does in Risky Business. No, just me and Tom Cruise, huh… I really doubt that.  Oh And I cant forget one of my favorite “I’m about to do something crazy” moments in film, like the moment in Goodfellas where Robert De Niro decides to whack everybody in order to keep all the money to himself and Cream’s “Sunshine Of Your Love” plays in the background. Now now, I’m not condoning it, but that’s a perfect song to get that crazy look to don’t you think?

My favorite movie music moments though are those that send chills up and down your body as if you’re actually living through what’s happening in the scene. Those moments that truly inspire you and make you feel. Like the end seen in Breakfast Club where Simple Mind’s “Don’t You (Forget about Me)” plays in the background. Or the “I’m a fool in love and I’m going to get you back girl” moments like in Cruel Intentions when Ryan Phillippe’s character rushes to Penn Station to make sure he stops her from leaving, as Counting Crow’s “Colorblind” serenades the moment.

But my absolute all time favorite music movie moment, which I wish I could have actually lived through before I saw it in the movies, is in Say Anything where John Cusack is blasting Peter Gabriel’s “In Your Eyes” from his raised boombox. What a perfect song for that scene. I wouldn’t have changed anything myself. By the way, it’s impossible to find those nowadays… Believe me, I’ve checked. You can never be too ready for any scene when being the one responsible for the soundtrack to your life.

What are some of your favorite movie music moments? What songs are featured in your life’s soundtrack? I’d love to know.



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Nelson Arreguín

Nelson Arreguín

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