The Story of Shure: A Video

People always ask what it’s really like to be a part of Shure, so we decided to make a video as an answer. It’s not so much a historical timeline, but rather the story of who we are, what matters to us as a company, and where we’re going.

Personally, I wanted to create a video that Mr. Shure would have been proud of. I think we’ve done that, and I hope you’ll agree. Thanks for checking it out.

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Mike Lohman

Mike Lohman

Mike Lohman has spent more than a decade at Shure writing press releases, fact sheets, video scripts, tweets, Facebook posts and now…blog posts. He is a huge music fan (literally and figuratively speaking), but he is not a musician, and his tastes lean toward loud, blistering rock and metal. He also knows where most of the best burger joints in Chicago are located.

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1 Comment

  • Kent Teffeteller says:

    Shure in my world= Reliable and High Quality. Never fails me. Microphones, phono cartridges, and tonearms alike.

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