Personal Monitoring Systems

Tips for selecting, maintaining, and safely using in-ear personal monitors.

Training Audio Volunteers at Bayside Church

Aaron Padilla, audio director at Bayside Church and tour manager for Lincoln Brewster, explains what it takes to train a small army of volunteers to pull off 11 services a week across multiple portable and fixed congregations for thousands of worshippers without missing a beat.
Drummer using Personal Monitoring System

PSM 101: Why Use Personal Monitors?

In Part 1 of this four-part video series, Shure Product Manager Michael Johns outlines the benefits of personal monitor systems over traditional wedge monitors on stage.

Personal Monitoring and The Quiet Stage in 5 Steps

Churches everywhere are looking for ways to lower the volume while improving the audio quality of their worship services. Here are tips for achieving a Quiet Stage through the use of in-ear monitoring and other technologies.