ULX-D Dual & Quad Receivers First Look from InfoComm

Can your wireless system fit 100 transmitters into just two TV channels (12 MHz)? Ours can. Meet the new ULX-D Digital Dual and Quad Receivers.

As people continue to demand more and more wireless spectrum for their myriad devices, audio pros must find ways to maximize the number of wireless microphones that can operate reliably in the remaining spectrum. Debuting at InfoComm 2012, Shure adds two new additions to the ULX-D Digital Wireless System:  the ULXD4D Dual Channel Receiver and the ULXD4Q Quad Channel Receiver. They pack either two or four channels of wireless into one rack unit, saving  space and reducing installation time.

In Standard mode, up to 17 ULX-D systems can operate in just 6 MHz of spectrum, which is equal to one U.S. TV channel. Need even more systems? No problem. Just activate High Density mode, which allows up to 47 systems to operate in just 6 MHz of spectrum, with a working range of 100 feet.


This video demonstrates High Density mode with time-lapse footage shot at Shure Corporate Headquarters, where 100 transmitters were placed side by side, and then turned on one by one. If you’re wondering how it works…well, according to Chris:

“High Density mode optimizes the output power and digital transmission scheme to allow ULX-D systems to be set to frequencies that are just 125 kHz apart, instead of the standard 350 kHz spacing.  This allows you to pack more systems into less spectrum with no loss of sound quality.”

Go on: see for yourself.

Learn more about ULX-D Digital Wireless on shure.com.

Post-show update: ULX-D won a ProSoundNetwork Best of Show Award at InfoComm 2012! We’re thrilled and honored.

ProSound Network Best of Show 2012

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