Venues for National Open Mic Night

Open mic nights celebrate music and performance on the grassroots level. For some, they serve as a rite of passage between mom’s garage and the larger world stage. And it’s not unheard of for performers to have their very first audio gear experience at an open mic event. (“Is this thing on?”)

So, naturally, we think open mic ROCKS.National Open Mic Night

Shure is sponsoring National Open Mic Night in cities around the U.S. April 22–28. Below are the participating venues, which will have Shure gear onhand for performers to use. If you’d like to perform, check in with your local venue about how to get on the set list. There’s no advance sign-up through Shure, but each venue may have its own way of doing things.

Plus, check out the National Open Mic Night page on for information about our SE315 earphone giveaway and our Facebook Event page.

Now, get out there and rock the house.

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Allison Wolcott

Allison Wolcott

Allison Wolcott started singing at Shure and now sings wherever they'll let her. She wishes she were Brandi Carlile, Neko Case, and Johnny Cash all rolled up in a voice box. Her favorite mic is the BETA®87A. Interviews with product developers and general Shure news are her beat.

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