We Welcome "The Gifted" – Wale

Many words have been used to describe him. Poet, deep, witty, versatile, prolific, lyrical genius, underrated, unmatched, ambitious, multi-talented, driven, etc… But all those can easily be summed up by the title of his third studio album, “The Gifted”, which has topped the charts all summer and has received critical acclaim.


Busting out of Washington, DC as a local hero due to his Go Go-inspired style, Wale is quickly becoming an international hip hop sensation. He is currently in rehearsals and will be kicking off his nationwide tour on September 8th alongside an arsenal of Shure gear such as wireless Beta 58As and PSM 900 systems. We are very happy to welcome him and his gifts to our family of talented endorsers. He should feel right at home.

Check out a great documentary about his career created by Revolt TV below.

For more information about Wale and when he is going to be in a town near you, please visit walemusic.com, facebook.com/waleofficial, twitter.com/wale, youtube.com/walemusic.

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Nelson Arreguín

Nelson Arreguín

Member of the Shure Artist Relations team. Music dilettante & sneaker aficionado. Live music is his favorite diversion.

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