Zoé :: Congress Theater :: 4/9/10

Shure Endorsers Zoé stopped by Chicago last Friday to play a packed house at the historic Congress Theater while on a cross-country 12 city bus tour of the States. The Mexican alt-rockers rocked the packed house with lead singer León Larregui’s spacey vocals, Sergio Acosta’s guitar mastery, Jesus “Chucho” Baez’s haunting keyboards, Angel Mosqueda’s atomic bass and Rodrigo Guardiola’s heartbeat on drums.

Picture of Congress Theater marquee tweeted by Zoe's drummer Rodrigo Guardiola

Picture of Congress Theater marquee tweeted by Zoé’s drummer Rodrigo Guardiola

Earlier in the day, I stopped by the Congress and attended the band’s sound check to say hi to the band and their FOH and monitor engineers Eduardo, aka “Lalo” and Gustavo, aka “Gus”. I spoke briefly to Rodrigo Guardiola, and Angel Mosqueda. Angel noted how beautiful but cavernous the Congress is when nobody is in it. He wondered if they would fill it. I assured him they would since I remembered their warm reception last time they were here to which he replied, “I hope so, but we’ll see”.

During their sound check in the empty theater, I got a chance to hear and feel the power they were planning to unleash on their fans. Although I got a sneak preview, as a longtime fan, I couldn’t wait to share the experience with everyone else. I guess it’s sort of like going to watch a movie in the theater for a second time so you can watch it with your friends just to see their reaction…

Fast forward to 10:45pm, the crowd was patiently anxious to get their Zoé fix. Finally at 11pm, the band marched on stage and blasted off with an epic instrumental intro…  What a great way to take off, musically it was so good that no lyrics were needed to let you know what you were about to witness. As the show went on, the crowd danced and sang away as León grabbed the mic stand and pointed his wireless Beta 58A out to the fans during their hit “Nada”. Likewise with “Poli” and “Via Lactea”, which is one of my favorites…

Mexican alt-rockers Zoé performing at the Congress Theater in Chicago

Mexican alt-rockers Zoé performing at the Congress Theater in Chicago

(Watch and hear “Nada” on youtube.com here: http://bit.ly/zzc9g)

(Watch and hear “Poli” on youtube.com here: http://bit.ly/iFUxa)

(Watch and hear “Via Lactea” youtube.com here: http://bit.ly/9FYTa1)

After a brief intermission, they hit the stage again for an encore and ended the nights journey with Beatlesque “Love” . Zoé’s futuristic sound made The Congress Theater feel like a spaceship flying towards the moon. I can’t wait to see them again next weekend at Coachella before they cross the big pond and land their ship in Spain.

(Watch and hear “Love” on youtube.com here: http://bit.ly/JveGBN)

After the show I went backstage to say my goodbyes and made sure to tell Angel a friendly “Told you so,” regarding the crowd. He replied, “Yeah you called it.” A tweet from @Zoetheband on April 11 read, “the show in Chicago was awesome! The best so far. Hope to be back soon.”

We hope so too.


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