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I’ve been doing this gig with Shure for quite a while now, but no one has worked for Shure ‘s Artist Relations Department longer than legendary photographer Paul Natkin. Surely you’ve heard us mention him from time to time in these blog posts, and I know for certain that you’ve seen his work on our website or even amongst the pages of your favorite music magazine. Paul has captured some pretty memorable moments on film, dating all the way back to 1975. For the past 14 years, I have watched Paul in action, adding to his impressive portfolio of artists, forever captured in that one stunning live performance moment. I have also had the privilege of poring over Paul’s work from the early days, most notably Bob Marley at the Chicago Theatre and that one shot of Ozzy Osbourne hoisting Randy Rhoads into the air during a live show… yeah that was Paul’s shot.

The still images of rock history do tell quite a tale, I mean these are photos of rock royalty; the inspiration for some of today’s most notable rock n roll heroes. Still, some of the most memorable moments with Paul are the stories he tells about his escapades backstage, on the bus, at the show, on tour and behind the scenes. Sure, I’ve been there for some once-in-a-lifetime moments, but when Paul started talking about playing pool with Keith Richards, David Bowie and Eric Clapton, I just can’t compete. I’ll tell some story about how I once sat at a table that was pretty close to a table where Stevie Wonder was sitting. Nothing happened, that was it. I’ve stopped telling stories around Paul, he’s usually there for most of my most memorable moments anyway. Every time I hear a new Paul story, I always do my best to retell it. It got me thinking, why don’t we just have Paul tell the stories and maybe share some of these legendary images as well? After some convincing that these stories need to be heard (trust me, they do), Paul has agreed to contribute some tales from those moments when he put the camera down. Stay tuned…


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Cory Lorentz

Cory Lorentz

Cory Lorentz is the Artist Relations Manager at Shure. He enjoys weekends, tacos and has a soft spot for the kind of lite rock music you’d hear in a dentist’s office.

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