Born To Perform: The Inside Story of the SM58 – A Webinar

The SM58® turned 50 this year! Join us for a special “prime time” webinar in celebration.

Born To Perform: The Inside Story of the SM58

To commemorate the 50-year anniversary of the audio legend, Shure Corporate Historian Michael Pettersen dug deep and uncovered some little-known facts about the SM58’s origin story and why this legendary mic is still the world’s most popular.

As always, Shure Audio Institute webinars are free to attend, and attendance is first come, first serve.

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Cheryl Jennison DaProza

Cheryl Jennison DaProza

Cheryl is a Media Relations Specialist at Shure with previous experience in the customer service department. She is also a professional singer involved in several tribute, cover, and original bands in the Chicago metro area. In what little spare time she has between work and music, she can be found reading or hanging out with her parrot. Cheryl’s favorite mic is the KSM8 and her Twitter handle is @TheUnsungDiva.

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  • C.W. "Duck" Dunlap says:

    Ms. DaProza: I’m confused. Shure’s commemorating the “50th Anniversary” of the SM58 (AND, being as the SM58’s supposedly the same mic only with a “ball” headpiece, I would think the SM57) this year. This being 2016, that would mean the SM58 would have been on the market as far back as 1966. HOWEVER, from my own personal experience AND in searching the archived Shure catalogs here on your website, the EARLIEST both the SM58 & SM57 microphones (as well as ALL other “SM- Studio Model” designated microphones) appear in ANY Shure catalog is the 1974 “Professional Products” catalog (there was also a 1974 “The Music Makers Manual of Microphone Mastery” catalog, but rather strangely neither the SM57 or 58 are listed in it; there are also no catalogs shown for 1970 or 1973). By Shures own available sales literature, this means there’s up to an 8 year gap in the time period and at best the 57/58’s are actually only at their 42 to 44 year anniversary. Can you explain what’s going on here? It’s very hard to believe Shure would have started manufacturing either of what have become the two largest selling pro microphones and their BEST KNOWN EVER and wouldn’t have bothered to catalog them! Thanks.

    • Cheryl Jennison DaProza Cheryl Jennison DaProza says:

      A few answers from our Corporate Historian that should help clarify:
      – The SM57 was released one year before the SM58, in 1965.
      – September 1966 was the first time SM58 units were sold – we have documented proof in our archives in the form of a sales spreadsheet from our VP of Finance at the time.
      – SM mics were originally aimed at the Pro Studio Market – not the Music Store market, so they did not appear in those catalogs or publications until later, when we realized that the mic had more appeal for live applications and started marketing it as such.
      – The earliest Shure catalog that the SM58 appeared in was AL312 from 1967; it is not posted online. The earliest posted catalog that lists the SM58 is AL312A from 1969:

      I hope that helps to clarify!

  • Wingo says:

    I couldn’t attend due to a conflict. Is the webinar archived somewhere?

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