My Rainy Day Playlist

Inspiration comes in many ways, shapes, and forms. From happiness that comes from a positive occurrence in your life like meeting the love of your life, to bad breaks ups and everything in between. Even the weather affects your mood and creativity. Like the clouds this morning in Chicago. (I actually enjoy them.) Happenstance is the vehicle, but you are the driver. What will you do with the sudden rush of emotions, memories, and thoughts that circle through your brain when you are there in the moment?

I dedicate this rainy day playlist to all the singer/songwriters, some endorsers, some not, that capture that moment in time filled with inspiration, write it down, and make us feel by sharing their stories with us. What do you like to listen to for inspiration on a rainy day? I’m always tweaking my playlist but here are some songs, old and new, that I’ve been playing in the background lately on rainy days. I’m always happy to add any recommendations, so please share your suggestions.



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Nelson Arreguín

Nelson Arreguín

Member of the Shure Artist Relations team. Music dilettante & sneaker aficionado. Live music is his favorite diversion.

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