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They like us…they really like us! I found some free time to check out some of our artist videos on YouTube this week. I just had to share some of the quotes from Shure Artists. It’s so awesome to hear them talk about how Shure products improve their sound and their music. Check out some of the quotes below and all the interviews HERE.

KSM9 Product Shot


“That’s my microphone..it sounds night and day different from any mic for me. I love the crispness, I love the depth of sound, and I love just the texture and versatility of what it picks up for me. So, that microphone, once we tried it, we never went back.” – Sara Bareilles on the KSM9 

“I mean I love the KSM9, there’s no other mic for me. Everything about it, even when I listen to my voice on other mics or I do a cameo appearance on stage with someone else and they hand me a different mic, it’s just like a downer, honestly I’m not just saying that. The KSM9 is just made for me.” – TobyMac on the KSM9

“When you’re standing behind a mic, it should throwback at you what it is you really want to hear in your music. I fell in love with the SM86 largely for its physical features. It has this flat face that I kiss, it’s not the rounded edge, and when I’m listening through my earpiece or in a monitor it has this kind of physical space that I can exist in….that’s the mic that I found that just makes me feel confident, and cool, and it gives me the most authentic sound that I can get in a huge live setting when there are ten other musicians on stage going full blast.” –Jason Mraz on the SM86

ULX-D Family Product Shot


“It’s definitely changed the dynamic a lot having a wireless system, it’s definitely a big jump for us. We’re used to falling all over each other in tangled messes, so the fact that we can not only have wireless systems, but have wireless monitoring, I mean it’s really made a big difference for us.” –Imagine Dragons on Shure wireless systems

“At the end of the day for us and with all the gear that we use, it’s all about if it works. It’s got to work everyday, it doesn’t matter how fancy it is, or if it does this or that, it’s got to work consistently everyday and I mean the Shure stuff works every single day. I actually just started using the wireless guitar system, just last show…and it worked perfectly and my guitar sounded great and I wouldn’t use it if it didn’t.” – Wayne of Imagine Dragons

PSM900 Product Shot

PSM 900

“Picture the biggest, heaviest hitting drummer you’ve ever seen and multiply that by times two and that’s how Kim plays. So basically what we did for years was use ear plugs and get two wedges…and turn them all the way up…and other than that being really dangerous for your hearing, I still couldn’t hear good enough. Then we moved and started practicing with the in ears and I was like ‘Wow’ being able to hear myself singing and also listening to it at a comfortable volume.” – Matt of Matt & Kim 

“I think consistency would be the word that comes to mind. It’s like a car that you buy and you never have to take it to the shop, you just know that it’s going to start up, it’s going to work, it’s not going to break down, it’s not going to be a hassle…I have never had an issue with Shure, I just haven’t. – Wynonna on Shure products


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Brooke Giddens

Brooke Giddens

Brooke Giddens is an Artist Marketing Specialist at Shure with a background in breakfast, the frisbee, and becoming emotionally involved with TV shows.

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  • Dan Salas says:

    We’ve been using shure mics exclusively for years,as a cover band we love the reproduction of our sound in live and recording performances. We use Sm beta 58’s 87,sm 57’s sm 81 beta 52 sm 98’s.awesome mic arsenal.reliable gig after gig. The Vida Band West Michigan.

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